About William Liew


Born with a natural passion and deep-seated interest in fashion, William Liew single-handedly started his own fashion garment business in the 90s. As a Cutting, Measuring and Tailoring (CMT) sub-contractor, William began supplying his fashion designs directly to department stores. After 1999, he came up with his own consignment label, “Iliam & co” that produces ladies’ corporate attire aimed at working women in the 22 – 40 age group.

In 2003 William went on to initiate “WILLIAMLIEW” – a menswear label which he has always wanted to do from day one. It proved to be a fortuitous move as he succeeded in capturing local and international customers who gave him a lot of encouragement and confidence to pursue his passion. Today, his menswear label is known for its contemporary smart and comfortable yet simple and fuss-free ready-to-wear range. This collection is sold at his own boutique located on the First Floor of Sungai Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur.




From a sole proprietorship company, William Liew’s enterprise is now a registered limited company with more than 20 years experience in the industrial manufacturing and fashion retail business. Besides offering wholesale supplies, CMT services, uniforms, costume wear, etc to departmental stores and corporate clients, the company’s own labels namely: “lliam & co” and “WILLIAMLIEW” produce ladies and men Office wear that cater to today’s fashion-conscious, young white-collar professionals.


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